Friday, April 21, 2017

Are YOU FED UP & Mad as Hell with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Google Blocking FREE Speech?

It's TIME for a NEW Kid on the Block! Don't YOU think?!

Introducing Clicky

The ALL-IN-ONE Clicky.Buzz & Click2Call Platform that combines Social Media / Business Networking, Product Marketing & ClickyPhones!

LinkedIn sold for $26B / Skype sold for $8.5B / Google is worth $500B / EBay is worth: $17.94B / Phone Companies are worth: BILLIONS / YouTube is worth over $5B / MATCH.COM is worth: $194M / Twitter is worth: $30B / Facebook is worth: $190B 

Get the idea?! - Clicky is ALL THAT combined and MORE!

YOU can become part of the SOLUTION with Clicky's Mastermind Investment Club $25k - $500k or equivalent in Funding:

We offer a Lender/Investor Bonus up to $3M - see below.

3 Mastermind Spots at 8% "ANNUALLY" to choose from:

$150k = 8% annually + $750k Bonus
$300k = 8% annually + $1.5M Bonus
$500k = 8% annually + $3M Bonus

(Ask about our smaller investment options or our REFERRAL BONUS - available for a limited time.)

Just: "Click2Connect" 
iClicky - Do YOU?!
1.844.4.Clicky / 1.844.iClicky

Our specialized Clicky tech team is installing Proprietary software versions of:

"Twitter/FB/YouTube/Google/Skype/LinkedIn/MeetUp/Shopping Network/EBay" with MORE options - NO spyware & we Don't Block Free Speech!

Clicky's ALL-IN-ONE: Clicky.Buzz & ClickyPhone Platform combines "Social Media / Business Networking & Video Channels"!

     *  Click2Call - ClickyPhones: The COMPLETE Conference Phone System across all 3 major platforms: Phone, Desktop and Website!

     *  Clicky.Buzz ALL-IN-ONE Proprietary versions of "Twitter/FB" lookalike BUZZFEEDS provide MORE Functionality - MORE FREEDOM & NO SPYWARE!

     *  Clicky's unique Business & Product Networking Groups/Clubs, StoreFronts, Jobs, Events, Videos & Blogs

               *  Resume Videos, Global Job Videos, Business Videos & Commercial Product Marketing

               *  Private and/or Business Video Blogs, Synchronized Maps & Calendar of Events

               *  Video News Channels, Comment Sections, Bulletins, Alert Announcements & Updates

               *  Social Media, Live Group Discussions, Flash Bulletins, Event Blasts, Dating, Clubs, Games

               *  ClickyBuzz Newsletters for MONTHLY Referral Subscriber BONUSES - worth UNLIMITED amount of money!

     *  Clicky's Professional Product Marketing Team & Video Platform for Business Products, Breaking News or Club Events

ClickyBuzz is the creative ALTERNATIVE solution to the OLD social media which is now BLOCKING FREE Speech! 

Reminder: Our Clicky $150k - $500k MASTERMIND Investors [or Lenders] will receive BONUSES UP TO $3M based on the program selected! Other programs start as low as $25k.

See full Clicky.Buzz intro package for investors via email.

Various Programs & Options are available and negotiable. Clicky also provides Investors with smaller packages and terms. **Subject to program and for a limited time.

EXAMPLE: Our 1st minority woman investor that we Mentored in '08 made a 50% ROI within 6/mths of BEING THE BANK & she was on our Radio Show to talk about it! We had a Blast!!

BONUS for the Mastermind Investor:

     - One Personally Crafted & Recorded Marketing & Video Business Piece; and/or

     - One included FREE Promotional interview with our very own *Ashley Martella for the Gold/Purple Card ClickyBuzz MASTERMIND Investor!

     - Ask about out MASTERMIND *FREE phone service too

     - *for a limited time!

Just: "Click2Connect" 

iClicky - Do YOU?!
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PS: "In 2004, Mr. Thiel made a $500,000 investment in Facebook, the earliest big bet on what was then one of many social networks. Facebook succeeded beyond anyone’s guess, and Mr. Thiel’s half million turned into close to half a billion"!

Google is worth $500 BILLION...That's $500 BILLION reasons WHY we are adding a ClickySearch Engine too!

Due to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google repeatedly BLOCKING/CONTROLLING FREEDOM of speech, ClickyBuzz has a HUGE OPPORTUNITY to capture a large market! You're invited to join us and be a part of this exciting adventure!

*More about Ashley:

I am personally inviting you to connect, blog and market your products and services for FREE on Clicky.Buzz

Saturday, April 15, 2017

THE ENDGAME: Elites Blueprint For a Global NWO Enslavement & POPULATION REDUCTION PLAN


Thursday, October 13, 2016

The ClickyBuzz Social & Business Networking Daily Report

The ClickyBuzz Social & Business Networking Daily is Out! 

      * FBI, DOJ Roiled By Comey, Lynch Decision To Let Clinton Slide By On Emails, Says Insider

      * Video - Christina Gupana, L.V. Attorney, Hillary for America: "Whatever you can get away with - just do it." 


     * FBI Leaks Reveal Disgust With Politicization of Agency and DOJ…

Get Clickin' with Clicky & Get YOUR Buzz ON!! Don't Just WATCH the "SHARKS" or "THE PROFIT" - BECOME ONE!

Editor's note

Don't just watch the "SHARKS" or "The Profit" - BECOME ONE!!

Learn HOW to Leverage YOUR Assets & BECOME YOUR OWN BANK!

Create your own 2016 “Stimulus Package”!
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Learn how YOU could turn $25k into $125k


$150k into $1,080,000.00

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

AMAZING Pre-Tax Savings For SMALL/MED/LARGE BUSINESSES: $500 average SAVINGS per Employee/per Year!

Introducing AMAZING Pre-Tax Savings


$500 average SAVINGS 

Per each EMPLOYEE each YEAR
For Payroll FICA Taxes

Includes amazing NO out of pocket COST with additional benefits for Employees too!

WILL RECEIVE some additional, amazing benefits without EVER affecting their net take home pay!   

hese additional benefits run together with your business's current health care programs that are already in place.

There are absolutely no new dollars required for your company to participate in this program, or for your employees

This is an IMMEDIATE financial deliverable back to YOUR Business's bottom line & the SAVINGS start with the VERY FIRST PAYROLL - Once the Program is Implemented! 

So, the SOONER YOU sign up – the SOONER you’ll be able to reap the financial SAVINGS & YOUR employees with reap the added health benefits – making YOU the hero and #1 rated Business for Employee Satisfaction without costing you any additional money - Sweet!
Ask for an Advisor at: 307.222.6009

If you are interested in becoming an Advisor, call: 307.222.6009

(NO special licensing is required!)


Get the Buzz!

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Friday, April 8, 2016

ClickyBuzz has an exciting opportunity for WOMEN investors who have limited funds!


ClickyBuzz has an exclusive and exciting opportunity for WOMEN investors with limited funds!

The ClickyBuzz Business OWNER
Is offering a unique opportunity for Women
Private ONE on ONE Mentoring
On HOW to Leverage YOUR Assets

During these Private Mentoring Sessions, YOU will have the chance to speak with various Experts & Authors on how to Leverage, Combine or Monetize an: 

Old 401k, IRA, CDs, Managed Accounts, Gold, Diamonds, Precious Gems or Cash into a
Money Machine designed personally just for YOU! 

Learn HOW to create YOUR OWN Boutique Lending Niche with Sample LOI’s and other Strategic Ideas! 

One of Our very FIRST woman investors that we Mentored YEARS AGO in '08 on HOW to BE THE BANK for Real Estate was a Minority Woman who made a 50% ROI within 6 months; and she enthusiastically discussed 
BEING THE BANK on our Radio Show: to talk about it.

We had a BLAST!

Call: 1.844.4.Clicky or 307.222.6009 to sign up now!

If, in addition, you also decide to Team up with Clicky AFTER the Mentoring sessions & become a Genuine ClickyBuzz Investor, YOU will start making a return the very 1st month - guaranteed! 

Read More here:


 Learn How YOU could to Turn $25k into $150k

If you choose to become a TOP Performer & Genuine Purple & Gold Card $50k ClickyBuzz Investor, Clicky will EVEN SPONSOR YOUR BUSINESS with our Professional Marketing Team - including:

  • Personally Crafted & Recorded Marketing & Business Piece
  • Promotional interview with our very own Ashley Martella!  

More about Ashley:

Call Clicky TODAY for this exclusive & limited time opportunity: 307.222.6009


iClicky - Do YOU?!
Call: 1.844.iClicky / 1.844.4.Clicky
Get Clickin' with Clicky & Get YOUR Buzz ON!!

PS: Don't just watch the "SHARKS" or "The Profit"



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