Monday, November 2, 2015

Are YOU Curious about Investing & Leveraging YOUR Assets? Would you like to learn how?

You're Invited to join the TX - ClickyClub / ClickyBuzz Conference Calls Every Tuesday & Thursday at: 2:00pm & 7:00pm (TX CST) to find out how! 

If YOU are curious about Investing and Leveraging your assets, then this call is for you.

Learn how YOU could "BE THE BANK" and turn $25K into $150K by Investing and Leveraging: using an old 401k, a Self-Directed IRA and/or a Managed Account including, gems, diamonds, gold or cash (Ask how YOU could turn $150k into $1,080,000.00)

RSVP at: 307.222.6009 or email: Clicky@Clicky.Buzz to Confirm your Reservation.

The TX-ClickyClub conference call in number is:

712.770.4010 x 827477#

This is the perfect opportunity to start asking questions because this call is for beginners; and you're invited to join and ask as many questions on how YOU can "BE THE BANK" and become an Investor while sharing and brainstorming ideas.

This is a fast pace / interactive 30 min CC that will introduce you to the concept of Leveraging your assets & "BEING THE BANK"!

#Clicky is proud of the fact that years ago OUR 1st minority woman investor that we Mentored in '08 made a 50% ROI within 6/mths of BEING THE BANK!

She was invited to talk about “BEING THE BANK” on our radio show: www.we-connect-radio.comwe had a blast!!

#Clicky is SERIOUS about FUN & INVESTING – that is why we have #ClickyBuzz – connecting #Social & #Business #Networking together!

Just: “ #Click2Connect ”!

TX Investors Clicky.Club - Just: Click2Connect


  1. The NEW TX-ClickyClub Conference Call Numbers are:

    712.770.4010 x 827477#

  2. Can YOU really make $1,080,000.00 from ONLY $150K?

    YES! Find out HOW on today's Investing & Leveraging: "BE THE BANK"
    Every Tues & Thurs - Call: 2:00pm & 7:00pm (CST) 712.770.4010 x 827477#

    Here's the perfect opportunity to start asking questions - this call is for beginners & you're invited to join and ask questions on how YOU can "BE THE BANK" - become an Investor and share ideas.

    30 min fast paced CC with introduction on how to start Leveraging your Assets & "BEING THE BANK"!

    (Questions or RSVP: 307.222.6009)

    Use your Old 401k, a Self-Directed IRA, Cash and/or a Managed Account

    iClicky - Do YOU?!

  3. Have you ever WONDERED how EVIL flourishes?

    It's simple: because evil FUNDS evil!

    Isn't it time YOU re-evaluate where YOUR funds are going?

  4. Do YOU know WHO funded the NAZI's?

    Well, those same exact "companies" exist today and are PICKING the "winners & losers"!

    YOU can make a difference by managing your own funds!