Wednesday, May 25, 2016

AMAZING Pre-Tax Savings For SMALL/MED/LARGE BUSINESSES: $500 average SAVINGS per Employee/per Year!

Introducing AMAZING Pre-Tax Savings


$500 average SAVINGS 

Per each EMPLOYEE each YEAR
For Payroll FICA Taxes

Includes amazing NO out of pocket COST with additional benefits for Employees too!

WILL RECEIVE some additional, amazing benefits without EVER affecting their net take home pay!   

hese additional benefits run together with your business's current health care programs that are already in place.

There are absolutely no new dollars required for your company to participate in this program, or for your employees

This is an IMMEDIATE financial deliverable back to YOUR Business's bottom line & the SAVINGS start with the VERY FIRST PAYROLL - Once the Program is Implemented! 

So, the SOONER YOU sign up – the SOONER you’ll be able to reap the financial SAVINGS & YOUR employees with reap the added health benefits – making YOU the hero and #1 rated Business for Employee Satisfaction without costing you any additional money - Sweet!
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  1. Time sensitive information regarding an average of $500 Savings per EMPLOYEE per Year for YOUR Company’s FICA Payroll Taxes!

    • There are absolutely NO new dollars required for YOUR company to participate in this program;

    • NO new dollars required for your employees & will NOT affect their NET take home Pay!

    • The exact savings will vary depending on the employee's individual salary and filing status; AND

    • This is an immediate financial deliverable back to your bottom line and the savings start with the very first payroll once the program is implemented.

    • The BONUS: Employees WILL receive additional Wellness Benefits!

    • Wellness Benefits run together with your business’s current health care programs that are already in place!